Personal Trainer Thousand Oaks is the experience of training and fitness surpassing the private gym experience with sports specific training and one on one sessions conducted by Denise Carbone. Personal Trainer Thousand Oaks is all about implementing the lifestyle you want, supported with motivation and care for your personal needs. Denise Carbone is NASM certified with 25 years of experience as a personal trainer. Denise is also AFPA certified and PADI certified. Denise offers an extensive list of training programs that will be customized to fit your personal needs. These programs include endurance training, strength training, weight training, functional training, agility training, marathon training, Pilates and many others. All training sessions are appropriately provided with Indoor and/or outdoor training sessions.

If you are looking for a rehabilitation program, Denise is a trained correctional exercise specialist. These rehabilitation programs include coordination, flexibility, core strengthening and balance, accompanied with the moral support only a Life Coach can give you. In all of Denise's training programs nutrition and weight loss become an essential part of the new you. In working with Richard Simmons, Denise established herself as a Nutritional Counselor and is able to help you to use an easy to follow food program. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Westlake Village or a Personal Trainer in Agoura Hills call Denise Carbone, your first choice for a Personal Trainer in Southern California.

Make sure you call Denise if you live in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills. Denise will put together the right program for all of your needs.

Don't forget it's time to prepare for the up and coming marathons. Denise is an expert in marathon training. If you have any questions Personal Trainer Thousand Oaks, Denise is here to help.

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We have access to a full gym with all the Pilates, Yoga and workout and Gym equipment

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